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DUI in South Carolina


A DUAC is different than a DUI but it carries similar penalties.  DUAC merely requires the prosecutor to prove that a driver had an unlawful alcohol concentration, not that they were impaired to drive.

DUI Penalties

A DUI conviction carries stiff penalties.  These can range from fees and fines, license suspension, and jail time.  Convicted drivers will also be required to obtain SR-22 insurance and complete ADSAP.

Implied Consent

When a driver takes the road, they are impliedly giving the State permission to test their blood or breath for alcohol if they are arrested for DUI or DUAC.  

Field Sobriety Tests

To determine if someone is under the influence while driving, law enforcement will use field sobriety tests to observe the driver and see if they are impaired.

Video Requirements

The DUI statute requires that certain actions be video recorded by law enforcement.  Just because the video is incomplete or missing, it does not mean the case is automatically dismissed.

Criminal Defense

Disorderly Conduct

A charge of Disorderly Conduct can be a broad charge.  It might be that someone was acting disorderly in a public stadium or that they were loud and boisterous after being asked to leave.

Drug Charges

Drug convictions are very serious and are enhanceable crimes.  This means that a prior conviction can increase the jail time and fines for any future convictions.  Drug convictions can also have other negative consequences one someone's life.

Conditional Discharge

A Conditional Discharge is similar to a short probation.  The judge will determine the length of time and the amount of drug tests that the person is required to complete.  Different charges may be eligible for a Conditional Discharge.

Alcohol Violations

Alcohol violations not only carry jail time and fines, but they can also affect scholarships and enrollment at a university or college.  Alcohol violations qualify for several different diversionary programs.

Civil Litigation

Qui Tam/Whistleblower

The False Claims Act allows for whistleblowers to come forward and report fraud against the federal government.  

Trucking Accidents

A Trucking Accident in South Carolina can often cause serious or deadly injuries.  There are many different factors that come into play to determine if the driver of the truck was at fault.

Civil Defense

It is important that anyone who has been served with a lawsuit file an answer to the complaint.  It is also important to consider any counterclaims that might have to be filed with the answer.

Wrongful Death

A Wrongful Death lawsuit in South Carolina can be tough and emotional cases.  Whether it is a parent, child, or other loved one who has passed, it is important to understand all of your rights when filing a Wrongful Death lawsuit.

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