Developing and Growing a Brand with Today’s Social Networks


Daniel Coble and Will Swinney

September 28, 2021

With the development of social media and internet access to nearly every corner of the world, marketing and branding have changed dramatically and required a new approach to small and developing businesses. Younger clientele no longer wait for a newspaper to be delivered first thing in the morning. It is common for younger generations to receive all of their news and updates using social media and other new and developing internet companies. How do businesses keep up? Which social networks are the most important for brand development and marketing?

How does social media help develop a brand?

Social media is an incredible tool to build a brand because it is one of, if not the fastest way you can reach people all across the globe. Also, people are much more inclined to click on a brand’s social media page as opposed to going to their website nowadays. This makes it important to have a page that’s consistent with the brand image you want and content that draws viewers in. Social media allows a brand to have a voice.

Do certain platforms help in different ways (e.g., Instagram vs. LinkedIn vs. TikTok, etc.)?

Instagram is probably one of the most classic tools a company will use to build their brand. The apps popularity has skyrocketed over the past decade as many of the younger generations most frequently used social account.

LinkedIn is beneficial because you can make personal connections with people who you know would be interested in your service. You can be much more targeted and practical when using LinkedIn for business purposes.

TikTok can be a great tool because any post has the ability to be seen by millions, whereas the amount of people who see posts on other social media accounts is pretty much determined by followers. Followers can help with TikTok but are not required by any means in order to go viral because the app uses an algorithm that will send your post out to more people and continue doing so, if it does well with the people who already watched it. That’s determined by likes and view time.

Many people now get their news from social media – is that trend here to stay?

Yes, because the younger generations' attention span as a whole has drastically decreased, so social medial is the most convenient way for people to get their news as opposed to reading longer articles. Greatest thing for any brand is having great reviews and people who spread positive word of mouth. Information is helpful to people, but experience and feelings triumph over it. People must be able to trust a brand before using them and that can come from the good experiences of others.

Who's using social media?

The Pew Research Center shows that nearly 70% of Americans utilize social media. Not only are more and more people signing up for social media, but they are using the platforms and networks more often in their lives.

Whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, or another network, it is clear that younger, potential, clients are expecting brands to be located online and to have a social media presence.

Daniel Coble is the owner of the Coble Law Group, LLC.

Will Swinney is an MBA candidate at Clemson University and the Marketing/Business Development Coordinator for the Coble Law Group.