Eminent Domain

Episode 3: Eminent Domain

On this episode of Litigation Strategies, Daniel and Joe talk about eminent domain

what happens when the government takes private property for a public purpose—and the massive Malfunction Junction road improvement project currently taking place in the Midlands. Eminent domain deals with both constitutional law and property rights.

Carolina Crossroads

One of the busiest and most congested traffic areas of South Carolina is getting a makeover. Formerly known as "Malfunction Junction" this intersection of roads, highways, and interstates is being remodeled to make a more efficient and safer passageway. The project will cost billions of dollars and take years to complete. A lot of the property located in the construction zone will have to be condemned by the State of South Carolina using the legal process of eminent domain. For more information, check out SC DOT's website: https://www.scdotcarolinacrossroads.com/.